Erica has a deeply rooted and spiritual approach to the medicine seldom encountered. I was transfixed by the level of complexity she was able to delve into. Her path is one of deep reverence and skillful articulation of the erudite and esoteric. A true healer in every sense of the word.
— Jeremy V. Pulsifer, MSTOM, L.Ac.

  • "Erica knew exactly what points to use for stomach problems, UTI, and emotional distress. After my session my pulses had calmed, and my brain had released a lot of negative ruminating thoughts. My stomach pain and UTI also resolved within a day! I highly recommend Erica to everyone I know, especially if it's their first time getting acupuncture and they are skeptical about its effectiveness. Her treatments address the problems beneath the problem and get to the root of healing. Thank you, Erica!!"

    -Janine O.


  • "I had an acupuncture session with Erica. I had this very sharp pain on my neck and shoulder for 3 days (couldn't turn my neck), and was informed by Erica that muscles would cluster if you sleep with the fan directly on them. She was very calm, considerate and knowledgeable and I was already feeling better while the needles were in me. My pain was reduced to 50% right after the session, but throughout the day, the pain slowly went away, and felt completely normal the next day. Highly recommended to anyone!!"

    -San Uk Kim


  • "Initially I was skeptical about acupuncture and it helping me with my well being and addiction. Erica was so good to work with, she made me feel totally at ease and I was able to open up to her and let her know exactly what was happening in my life without fear or judgment. The sessions are incredibly relaxing. I highly recommend her and have included acupuncture as part of my weekly treatment."

    -S. L.


  • "Erica is an exceptional practitioner and is especially sensitive to treating sources of addiction and emotional pain. She is well versed in various treatment styles and is a joy to work with. I highly recommend her!"

    -Su-Jung Lee

  • "I am forever thankful to have met Erica. Not only is she a caring, skilled acupuncturist in treating chronic pain and digestive issues, but a masterful herbalist. When conventional doctors told me my painful menstrual health issues were “just a mystery”, I was fortunate enough to be placed in Erica’s care. The formulas she’s provided have kept me from returning to the ER - stopping prolonged bouts of bleeding, pain and bloating in their tracks, and for the first time in years, my circulation and energy have improved. If you’re wondering if you can treat complex women’s health issues successfully with alternative medicine, set up an appointment with Erica right away – don’t wait."

                               -Annalisa R.


  • "I had been experiencing jaw pain and went to Erica for an acupuncture session. I felt really comfortable answering her intake questions and discussing the issues I was facing. After determining what the problem was, she thoroughly explained to me why and how it was happening and how she was going to treat me. She was very thoughtful and checked in with me when inserting each needle to make sure I wasn't in too much pain. I felt very relaxed throughout the whole process and am happy to say the session and the herbs she prescribed to me were very helpful - I haven't had any jaw pain since. Erica is my go-to for acupuncture and holistic healing! 

    -Theresa D.


  • "Erica is a wonderful healer who makes you feel comfortable from the beginning of your appointment to the end!! I highly recommend her as a source of treatment!"

    -K. B.


  • "Last week I saw Erica and had a great experience. She has a lovely bedside manner and we did a treatment that was different than I had ever had before. I felt great afterwards and will definitely see her again. Thanks Erica!

    -C. O.